A Manicurist to the Stars Explains the Male Polish Trend

A Manicurist to the Stars Explains the Male Polish Trend

Is there any pick-me-up as powerful as a new manicure? If you’ve ever fallen deeply in love with your own polished nails (and stared at them at every chance), you know the feeling firsthand (pun intended). But have you ever considered that it’s a shame that the men in your life — husbands, brothers, sons — can’t take advantage of that same source of self-confidence?

Men wearing nail polish isn’t necessarily anything new — we all knew an angsty teen who wore black polish for all of the early aughts. But seeing a man embrace color or designs on their nails is still a bit of a rarity.

Manicurist Gina Alcedo recently decided to share the love by launching her own collection of Male Polish through her line, NVLA nail polish. Designed to empower men to embrace their non-traditional masculine side, the colors range from subtle neutrals to eye-catching red. And Alcedo should know a thing or two about empowering people through their fingertips — she’s worked with celebrity clients in Los Angeles for over two decades.

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